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At my Greenwich-based studio, I specialise in etching and relief printmaking. I am inspired by patterns, either man-made as in mazes, labyrinths and islamic concepts, or by natural forms in the landscape, images of imaginary butterflies, snowflakes, doves and foxes, and by travels in France, Italy, Morocco and Nepal.

  • -lepidoptera Imaginaria- lino cuts of natural forms lino cuts of natural forms - elaine marshall prints
  • Doves,Tinos Etchings Etchings - elaine marshall prints
  • Egyptian Birds Lino cuts Lino cuts - elaine marshall prints

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  1. Shula Marshall-Kalp avatar
    Shula Marshall-Kalp Aug 8, 2011

    I love your website and carry on with the amazing artwork!

  2. Nina Schall avatar
    Nina Schall May 13, 2018

    Deal Mrs Marshall,
    yesterday I met you at the Greenwich Printmakers when I was trying to Shop with my tired and hungry son.Unfortunately we didnt make it back to the shop after lunch. I wanted to ask you if you ship to Germany….
    After sleeping over all the attractive options for one night , I thought I would like to put one of your prints up in my office — I already have a painting of yellow dandelions in Full bloom and your Blue print of the dandelion with the flying semen would Go perfectly with that.
    Greetings from Germany(we have just arrived back)